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"Thanks for all of your help - it was invaluable! 
All of my friends who are considering moving have your name!!!!"
   Diane, Wilmette
"Why didn't I do this earlier!  Barbara is amazing!  Thank you!"
   Office Prep for Sale
   Tom, Chicago 
   "Thank you so much for the follow up email.  You included items I forgot about and am excited to finish off the list you provided. Your sessions are a life saver and I just wish we could do one every week.  I will mentally feel so good, once my house is again in order."
   Merry, Naperville
   "Barbara is a skilled professional organizer who worked wonders reorganizing and decluttering my main closet. She was creative and strategic in her approach and provided a detailed description of her new vision for my closet while requesting my input. She presented me with several options for storage containers. Her tips of the trade and motivation to declutter was invaluable. I’m looking forward to working with her on my next project and highly recommend her services."
     Lynn, Oak Park
   "Barbara was awesome and has changed my life with organizing my home. Very professional, caring,
and courteous person. I thank her immensely."
     Entire Home 
     Erica, Chicago
     "Amazing!!!  Barbara really helped me with techniques to keep away the clutter. She is very detailed and thorough.  The results were immediately noticeable. Tackling the clutter made me feel lighter and free!"
     Bedroom, Kitchen and Paper Management
     Margaret, Oak Park
   "Clutter Be Gone was referred to me from a friend. I loved that Barbara thought about the entire house and really listened to what was most important to me. She made a plan and good suggestions. I would like to continue working with Barbara on the kitchen and office."
     Basement and Guest Room
     Nicole, Oak Park
  "Excellent experience. Barbara gave me ideas that I couldn't have thought of on my own. The tasks I gave her were done excellently and creatively. She followed through (after our session) on a couple of details and thus I was able to solve a clutter problem from a low-cost option that I didn't even know existed."
     Home Office and Storage area
     Gina, Oak Park
 "Barbara is an absolute professional. She understands thought processes that can keep you from becoming disorganized and is able to help you better understand what to do about it. Never putting your goals aside, she is able to keep you on track with a great deal of kindness. I would (and probably will) hire her again. She’ll save your life and your sanity!"
     Priscilla, Forest Park
  "Quality was excellent. Barbara gave me a price breakdown for the various problem areas and she got the job done exactly as anticipated. She was encouraging, thoughtful, and energetic. She also gave me many good tips for future organizing."
    Kids Play Area and Basement
    Spencer, Oak Park
  "Service was fantastic! We worked non-stop for 4 hours and got a ton done! Barbara is great to get along with and easily sorts thru the mess. Barbara's no-nonsense approach was what motived to work with Clutter Be Gone."
    Kids Play Area
    Claudine, Oak  Park
  "What Barbara did changed my life. I never felt like I was being judged. I learned strategies to keep my class organized. I can find everything I need. I can breathe again and I am proud to have administration and co-workers visit my classroom. One of the students said "You have one of the cleanness desks in the school." I smiled for the rest of the day. I am so grateful."
2nd Grade Classroom, CPS
Cozette, Chicago

   "Barbara kept me on task. If not for Barbara, I would still be looking at a cluttered mess."
     Kitchen, Office and Mud Room Organization
     Kristen, Hinsdale
     "Barbara took my son's family from overwhelm to order.  She is warmly, but firmly, persistent, thorough and meticulous. We honestly have no idea what we would have done without her."
     Prep Home for Baby Arrival
     Mary Beth, Glen Ellyn
     "The service exceeded my expectations. The approach is professional with performing situation analysis and plan of action before starting. Pricing was within the range of others I explored. Barbara is quick and thorough. I was amazed at the amount of work we accomplished. The fact that Barbara also takes everything to charities, etc. and gets the paperwork for taxes is very helpful too. She is knowledgeable about where to donate all kinds of items. She keeps you motivated and on track. Barbara is fun / easy to work with, the entire experience was a pleasure.' 
      Prep for Home Sale
     Cathy, Chicago
     "The professionalism and knowledge of special needs children and the calmness in the face of chaos is what most influenced my decision to choose Clutter Be Gone. Barbara listened to the clients desires and had excellent ideas. I would work with Clutter Be Gone again."
      Children's Room and Laundry Process
     Jewish Children's Family Service

     "Barbara is efficient in doing the work with the client and also showing the client the mindset of organization. It was a great experience."
      Basement & Bedroom Organization
     Aileen, Oak Park
      "Barbara is capable, competent, and immensely helpful. Having her work with me, made a difficult task easier. I would recommend her without reservation."
     Prep for Home Sale
      Joy, Glen Ellyn
     “Nothing would have made this experience better. I hired Clutter Be Gone because of the testimonials and here I am recommending Clutter Be Gone.  The overall experience was excellent.”
     Paper Management
     Anette, River Grove  
     "Barbara has the ability to provide guidance in a totally non-judgmental fashion. She is professional and kept me on task to complete the projects. She is a great teacher. The quality of service was excellent."
     Paper Management, Closet Organization
     Nancy, Chicago, IL
     “The quality of service and the value for my money was excellent. Barbara is efficient in working with her clients. She showed me the mindset of organization. I would recommend Clutter Be Gone.”
      Paper Management
     Aileen, Oak Park
    “Top Notch! Barbara works swiftly and thoughtfully. This was a great experience in every area. I would highly recommend this service. Well worth every penny.”
     "Overall all an excellent experience. I would recommend Clutter Be Gone."
     Basement and Bedroom Organization
     Cynthia, Oak Park
    “Barbara really thought out our needs and how we cook and utilize pantry items. She had excellent ideas and took the time to find items to use to help us stay organized. She then took the time to go over tips on staying organized. She was very satisfying to work with. I highly recommend her services.”
     Kitchen Organizing 
     J and D, Glen Ellyn, IL
     “I chose Clutter Be Gone because of the value and availability, and ease of communicating ideas. Barbara was very helpful to me re-configuring my living space. I needed help placing furniture and pictures. She gave me great ideas and helped me plan the space accordingly. I would recommend her to anyone interested in design and space planning.”
     Staging Living Room
     Brea, Naperville, IL
     "Barbara really helped a lot.  When shopping now I think of her (and ask) do I really need this. Believe it or not most of the time the answer is No.  I am in a better place mentally & physically.  When I am ready to start the other project I will contact Clutter Be Gone again." 
     Bedroom, Closets, Kitchen Organize and Declutter
     Peggy, Maywood, IL
     "After spending a few Saturdays with Barbara, we totally concur that she is a life saver! When we sold our house and had to move much more quickly than anticipated, we felt quite overwhelmed. But Barbara's expertise, hard work, and good nature made it possible to tackle and complete the job in time. Barbara accurately and quickly assessed our de-clutter needs, organized the job into doable bites, set up a workable schedule, and then worked furiously along side us to get rid of all our unwanted items. We could not have done it without her!"
   Prep for Move; Declutter
   Jodi and Bruce, Naperville, IL
    "We chose Clutter Be Gone because of Barbara’s competence and great personality. The experience was great. The quality of service wonderful! We recommend hiring Clutter Be Gone."
   Staging of New Home prior to Move
    Jim, Hinsdale, IL  
    “Barbara is extremely organized and easy to collaborate with. She helped our clients achieve the goals we set out for them. Barbara's rate in combination with her personality made Clutter Be Gone the perfect choice for us! This was an excellent experience and I would recommend and use Barbara for future clients!”
   Home Organization
   Jewish Children and Family Services
"Overall it went very well. Barbara provided a process for me to organize my home and office paperwork. We spent most of the time talking about my current process for all to do's, to read, etc. and organization of paperwork. We then started organizing my office. ("A" report for all areas on Angie's List)."
   Home Office, Paper Management
   Jim, Wheaton, IL  
"I was thrilled to have my kitchen “decluttered.” I would recommend Clutter Be Gone. I felt it was a good value, and I was very comfortable working with Barbara."
   Jan, Naperville, IL 
      "Barbara was a pleasure to work with, and I love
the end result. I chose Clutter Be Gone because of her prompt response, courteous phone conversation, and she was a little more reasonable (in price) than some others."
    Home Office
   Janine, Plainfield, IL
     "I accomplished more than I expected in a short amount of time. Barbara had a good plan on how to conquer a seemingly overwhelming task.  I would change nothing (about the experience) and I would definitely have her return as there are many other areas of my home that could use her expertise."
   Master Closet
   Nayyara, Hinsdale, IL.
   "Barbara helped with several areas of the house. The office is what I am enjoying the most. What I liked about working with Barbara was her expertise in organization and her utmost willing to accomplish the goal to turn the mess into a comfortable organized space. She also gave me verymotivating ideas to do some work on my own. I will surely call Barbara for help with no hesitation when I decide to work on the kitchen and den."
  Paper Management, Organizing Office, Basement
   Jonathan, Berwyn, IL. 
   "Barbara was the only one who insisted on coming to our house to take a look before giving an estimate. All other companies that I contacted were just trying to sell standard packages for 3-4 hours at a time. Barbara prioritized the work and gave us confidence that the project was doable in a reasonable amount of time and money. Our home office had long reached the point of paralysis, where it was so overwhelming that we didn't even know where to start making a dent into the mess.  Barbara was very kind, effective and efficient in helping us get this mess under control. Now the home office has become a place of peace and order, and we feel like the new methods that Barbara recommended will really work for us in the long run."
    Paper Management, Office Organization
    Antje, Des Plaines, IL.
   "I had previously booked this project with a different organizer, but that company did not provide the overall planning I needed for this overwhelming project. Barbara was flexible with my four day project to organize an overstuffed
2-1/2 car garage that needed stuff shoved and pushed to get the garage door closed."
   Garage Organization
   Leana, Woodridge, IL 
   "I was at a place in my life where I needed to make a change and needed help doing it. I actually found her online. I can’t stress the high level of service I received. Kind, competent and professional, Barbara walked me through decision making processes and taught me important tools that I can now use going forward. She changed my life. I don’t know how it could have been better; to this day I am following her examples. I should have called her much sooner. Please do yourself a favor and give yourself this gift."
   Home Organizing
   Priscilla, Forest Park, IL. 
   "The service was very good and is helping me get started in the right direction. I feel that I will waste less time going forward and not be shuffling paperwork back and forth, which in the past always ended in frustration."
   Paper Management
   Carol, Wheaton, IL. 
   "We loved the balance of bringing in new items to help organize with re-purposing items we already owned. Barbara was very easy-going, friendly, non-judgmental. She worked hard and did not waste any of our time. I plan to use her again."
  Kitchen Organizing
   Michelle, Evanston, IL. 
   "Barbara's expertise goes way beyond organizing just the physical clutter. She helped me process my complex work flow and developed a system to manage my growing customer and contact database for my business. I will definitely retain her services again when my business grows to the next level!"
   Office Organization, Business Processes and Systems
   Lightitech, LLC, Chicago  
   "Everything was excellent --- the over all experience, the value for the money, the comfort level of working with Barbara. I would recommend Clutter Be Gone."
   Home Decluttering and Staging
   Chris, Oak Park, IL. 
   "Barbara was extremely punctual, thorough, & always professional in handling clients materials. There is no wasted time! I would (and have) recommend Clutter Be Gone."
  Paper Management
   Susan, River Forest, IL. 
   "Barbara was very professional and non judgmental. She provided excellent customer service and really took the time to understand my needs. Excellent follow-up. I love the idea of documenting a summary of what we discussed and next steps/tasks."
   Paper Management and Office Organization
   Charmaine, Westchester, IL. (2012)
   "Clutter Be Gone was recommended by a friend who had worked with the company before. Barbara was very adaptable to our needs and quirks, and very good working with both my husband and me."
    Home Organizing
    Pat, Winnetka, IL. 
  "I am loving my system. I'm amazed at how much we got done in such a short period of time. There were several tips that Barbara passed on to me that were clever -- and simple. I like working with Barbara and felt more confident with her working beside me. She was really great to work with and I am sure we will work together again."
   Office Organization
   Rose, Elmhurst, IL
   "Barbara presented a great plan of action with clear steps on how to achieve the results. The whole family was involved in the organization projects. It was a great experience and we would recommend her services."
   Home Organizing and Staging
   Patty and Curtis, Naperville, IL.
   "I received help with paper organization for my kids and my home desk area. I was overwhelmed where to start. Barbara came out right away and told me what we should begin with…she recommended starting small and going from there. As we organized she gave me ideas of what to use and purchase going forward. The value of the work for the price was excellent."
   Paper Management
   Debra, Oak Lawn, IL.
"I was truly stuck before I began working with Clutter Be Gone. I felt that I just could not move forward with my life because every room in the house was in chaos. Now that my paper work problem is behind me and all my rooms, closets and drawers are organized I am moving forward and enjoying life.
I never knew my rooms could look so open and inviting. The family could not believe the difference when they were here for the holidays.
I was so pleased with Barbara’s efforts that I gave my daughter-in-law a gift certificate for her services to help stage her living room."
   Home Organizing and Staging
   Carol, Chicago, IL
   "Barbara’s proposal and professionalism are why I choose Clutter Be Gone. It was a good value for the investment. I would recommend Clutter Be Gone."
   Move Preparation; Kitchen Organizing
   Emman, Chicago, IL
   "Barbara did an amazing job going through mountains of papers I had accumulated over the years (which had only gotten worse when I moved from a downtown office to a home office), clothes no longer wearable, and stuff that we had accumulated after the parents' deaths the prior year. She comes ready to work (even in a blizzard!), is fast and efficient and, best of all, non-judgmental. Every time I walk into the areas she did, I smile! I will definitely have Barbara come back when it's time to tackle the the family room."
   Organize Home
   Susan, River Forest, IL.
   "I worked with Barbara to clean up and organize both paperwork and my son's toys. After the initial meeting for each project, Barbara provided a report that included a description of the current situation and a detailed plan for reaching the goal. At all of our sessions, Barbara arrived promptly, worked efficiently, and offered many helpful ideas and strategies. She helped me to create a home office and to weed out unnecessary papers and records. For my son's toys, she researched and offered storage options and created a floor plan. I wouldn't hesitate to use Barbara's services again. She is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with."
   Paper Management, Toy Organization
   Martha, Oak Park, IL
   "The quality of the overall experience was excellent. I liked Barbara’s recommendations and felt she was reasonably priced. I would recommend her." 
   Declutter 3-bedroom condo
   Debra, Chicago, IL
   "Barbara helped me tremendously to bring order and sanity to our living space. She came up with great floor plans, suggestions for furniture and overall expertise in getting organized and ready to welcome a new baby into our home. I was completely stuck and at a loss for how to make changes and Barbara helped me dive in and get it done. I strongly recommend Clutter Be Gone."
   Organize and Staging Home
   Catherine, Chicago, IL
   "Barbara made my home livable again. She is extremely helpful, organized and efficient. She not only helped me reorganize, she took all my "stuff" away to be donated and came back with my receipts. I'm telling everyone I know about Clutter Be Gone. This service is worth every penny!"
   Organize closets, bedroom, living room
   Linda, Chicago, IL (2010)
   "Barbara helped us go through 20 years of clutter and put our house back in order. Not only did she help us get rid of things, she helped us stage everything so it looked great and her prices were extremely reasonable. Without Barbara's help we would never have gotten through our re-model project. She was wonderful."
   Declutter, Organize,  Stage Home
   Gary & Roberta, Chicago, IL
   "Barbara was awesome. She had great ideas about reorganizing the kitchen, kids rooms, guest bedroom and office. She gave me suggestions about other areas of the house as well. She was friendly and professional at all times. Thanks Barbara!"
   Organize Home
   Territha, Chicago, IL
   "For many years I wanted to transform my loft from a craft
area to a quilting room. I knew what I wanted, but did
not know how to accomplish it. Thanks again (Barbara)
for all you do to help people feel good about their home and
also about themselves."
  Quilting Room Transformation
  Jan, Darien, IL
   "I was frozen getting started on a garage that contained items from my parents’ estate and my own home. Working side by side, we got through it all in one day with everything sorted by storage, keep, throw, e-bay and yard sale. Now I need Barbara back to get me unfrozen again to pack the house for a move. Without Barbara, I would have never started the process."
  Garage and Moving Prep
   Martha, Skokie, IL
   "Barbara is a marvel. She worked side by side with my reluctant college student to declutter all his years of school papers and childhood collectibles, and then she organized what he chose to keep. He can now approach his post college life with fresh eyes and a clear mind. Thank you Barbara!"
   Reducing & Organizing Personal Items
   Pat, Wilmette, IL
  "We were skeptical about investing in a professional, but with seven kids, the house had just gotten out of control. She did that and more. Working together, the utility room, basement, family room, and kid's play area, plus three bedroom, were converted to inviting spaces. With her guidelines I am now finishing. Before this, neither the kids, nor us had friends over.  Now the house is full of guests. We strongly recommend Clutter Be Gone."
   Declutter & Organize Home
   Lynn, Addison, IL
   "We needed to call in a professional to help me get my basement back on track. The space had once been organized but due to life, a full time job, and another child in the family it had become a
 "dumping ground." I tasked B Barbara with helping me come up with a new way of looking at the space and she did just that! She was awesome in assessing the limited space we had. Barbara showed up with a "game plan" and three different options of utilizing the space with the existing shelfing we already had. i would highly recommend Barbara to those who have no organizational skills and to those who could be professional organizers themselves. Barbara was prompt, professional, focused, and came in just under budget. And who does like that?!"
   Organize Basement / Utility Room 
   Dana, Oak Park, IL
   "I would use Clutter Be Gone again. I mostly appreciated Barbara’s consistent follow-up, product suggestions, motivation, and help with decision making (advising me when to throw things out and when to keep them). She kept the project moving along when I got sluggish. For such a big project it was easy to get overwhelmed, but she broke it down into realistic stages, and that was great! What I found most helpful was the action of taking everything out of the room and then bringing it back. I would have never attempted it without her help, but it helped me get rid of a lot of things!"
   Kids Play Room
   Jenny, Oak Park, IL
"I am eternally grateful to Barbara of Clutter Be Gone. I started a floral business out of my home last year. In the process, I accumulated so much 'inventory' that everything ended up in bags in my basement and family room.Barbara helped me to get totally organized. I know exactly what I have and where it is. I appreciate the guidelines. Plus, it makes me so happy every time I go downstairs."
   Inventory Storage
   Cindy, Chicago, IL
"Following my divorce and in preparation to sell my house, Clutter Be Gone was extremely sensitive and efficient in working with me to prepare the house to be sold. My real estate agent had said he would not even show the home until “the clutter was gone….in all the rooms, garage and closets.” Barbara guided me through piles and piles of donations, trash and helped me to determine which items were appropriate for re-sale. Clutter Be Gone helped me run the garage sale which was extremely successful. My agent was delighted when he conducted the first showing."
   Home Sale Staging
   Bob, Lake Forest, IL
   "Some of the “stuff” grew slowly but most came in the door all at once following my father’s untimely passing. The amount of stuff and the emotional roller coaster each item took me on was too much for me to handle alone. Barbara spent 3 days with me. In addition to helping me sort thought the items, she found a company that bought my collection of antique dolls. She organized and packed the items I decided to keep. My family was so happy to have the house back. The happiest, I think, was my son who could play in his play room again and easily access the toys and games. The biggest surprise, however, was the follow through. Months following I received emails from Barbara reminding me of action items that were to take place in two and three months after the job closed."
   Organizing Family Belongings
   Kit, Oak Park, IL (2009)
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